Some of my IT-projects

Two GPS programs made by combining js and php:

*Mark-up a route on GoogleMap, then distances and elevations for the route points are calculated, and you can generate a gpx file for the route

*Create a gpx file for a OSM(OpenStreetMap) path or from a (lat,lng)-set, elevation profile is also calculated

gpx is Garmin’s geographical file format, you can download the gpx file to a phone or smartwatch.
You can easily convert a gpx file to i.e. a kml file, which can be opened in GoogleEarth.

Applications using OpenLayers shows more than 200 examples, based on javascript using the open source OpenLayer package. It can bet used without installation of gis programs on user pc. Impressing possibilities! incredible number of different data sources can be used. It is easy to make user interactive gis programs. I have tried, tweaked, investigated most of these examples.
Some of the more useful, interesting, impressing examples are shown in this web-directory

BI & Databehandling: